Pareo and Scarf


A pair of silk for pareo and long scarf. Grey background could be nice with with simple top woman or choose one colour on them to show how charming you are . All are hand made with high love to you.

Length 1.60 m and width 1.15m, hemmed, enough to cover as pareo or skirt.
With long scarf 1.80 by 55 cm hemmed.

Sepasang kain lilit dan selendang silk dengan warna dasar abu abu ditaburi daun daun sangat cantik bila dipadukan dengan atasan sederhana, atau pilih salah satu warna daun yang ada untuk menunjukkan betapa Anda akan terlihat charming mengenakannya.

Panjang kain lilit 1,6m dengan lebar kain 1,15m sudah dijahit pinggir
Panjang selendang 1,80m dan lebar 55cm juga sudah dijahit pinggir

Pareo Rp 1.650.000,-
Scarf Rp 900.000,-

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How was it made?

All our product are made with the best quality materials, fabrics and natural dyes with leaves and flowers pigments.

Each piece was produce with much high passion and much love. It takes time to make it, around 14 days starting from scouring, mordanting, preparing natural dyes, collecting fresh leaves and flower, choosing design, steaming process until curing the fabric. Every piece product is washed and ironed. That’s why our product called slow fashioned.

Each work is ONE OF A KIND, unique in all natural dyes in perfections.

Sometimes we make a series of the same leaves and flowers but never make same design.
If you find some holes or crack or halo at the end of bark on leaves printed , it’s mean all our leaves comes from natural material, and many times the holes or halo of the leaves becomes beautiful nature design , unique , so no body can emulated.

All product are carefully gift wrapped in a gift box, ready to gift.

Want to add a note? Just let us know and with big pleasure we will add a stylish note for your love one.

Thank you for choosing Aseupan Daun as your match.


• Not needed wash rapidly, only wash when dirty.
• Hand wash with gentle soap with PH neutral is the best way or just rinse with water and a bit of vinegar
• Dry in the shade.
• NEVER wash with dry clean and high temperature in machine, it will damage dyes and delicate fabrics.
• Iron silk medium hot, iron cotton/linen when damp.

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